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What's your healthcare moonshot

Healthcare as we know it is in need of improvement at a rapid and scalable rate to cater to the Indian healthcare industry. Do you have an ambitious idea or path-breaking project that you think would revolutionise the healthcare industry? Post your healthcare moonshot below which would be propagated and showcased to our healthcare community and also at the InnoHEALTH 2018 annual healthcare conference in the presence of many eminent personalities, decision makers, global delegates, students, companies related to the healthcare industry. Use hashtags #healthcaremoonshots , #yourhealthcaremoonshot#yourmoonshotofhealthcare , #innohealth2018 to give your sharing a personalised experience for InnoHEALTH 2018

Collection of healthcare moonshots

Healthcare moonshot of Dr Vidur Mahajan

Healthcare moonshot of Prof S Venkataramanaiah

Healthcare moonshot of Ms Paarul Chand
Inspiring moonshots in healthcare

Clarion Smith K

Stomach zip system for food inlet and outlet

Dhruv Singh

There should be bots in shape of a medicine/injection which are injected when a child is born, will tell whatever the deficiency or problem lies in the body. These bots should be able to take commands from the doctor in charge and can repair or work inside the body.

Clarion Smith K

To create a process/system which diagnoses and cures a plant affected with pests rather than polluting the whole crop field with pesticides

Parthvee Jain

Building a technology (patch/injectable/device) that could just make any kind of body pain just vanish/ eradicate the pain in seconds

Vinayaka A M

Oral health is overall health

Sachin Gaur

To empower people with right healthcare information. So that preventive healthcare becomes main stream!”

Dr Vidur Mahajan

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Prof S Venkataramanaiah

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Shivank Khandelwal

We use phones constantly for hours. Our eyes get hurt. An embedded technology on the phone which monitors the stress levels on the eyes.

Dr V K Singh

Technology is to assist and not override human ingenuity

Nilesh Jain from Clinivantage

To organize healthcare information and make it universally accessible and useful for advanced research & development & create a secure & interactive collaboration across partners.

Prabhat Chand

NIMHANS ECHO Capacity Building to increase access Quality Care in Addiction Mental Health for Rural and Underserved areas

Clarion Smith K

Free Medical Aid for everyone in India

Dr Abha Malik

Digital Pathoogy as an enabler of precision medicine

Paarul Chand

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Dr Jawahar Thomas

The Perfect Problem Based Learning for Medical students in form of interactive AI simulated patients

Deva Reddy

We are automating cancer diagnosis, treatments & prognosis are using Artificial Intelligence software, for a cancer moonshot is to be created, leading to precise cancer diagnosis & treatment solutions caring millions of cancer patients and saving $billions globally

Dr Maneesh Gupta

I wish that in 5-10 years time, we can have a health service in India that is trusted by people. Rather than people self medicating with antibiotics for small infections, rather than people getting a gamut of unnecessary tests (blood, urine or imaging) and then consulting a doctor, rather than people taking pain killers for sustained periods without docotr’s advice; I wish they would trust a medical doctor enough to consider health care decisions as important enough (and risky enough)

Dr Saurabh Gupta

Dieticians and Nutritionists should be given same respect as Doctors in our society and Doctors should refer patients to them first for treatment instead of treating with medicines.

Sanjay Kumar Jain

To build healthcare ecosystem using technology to save patient in a better way “Better technology – Better care”

Areez Malik

I want people around me to have a deep consciousness about their health and have an ability and drive to improve

Deepali Jetley

Global clinicians technology platform to catch to demand and supply of medical fraternity on a global platform

Shrey Bhatnagar

Design a nutrition system to shut daily issues like diabetes, gas, obesity, etc;

Saketh Ventak

Make a troubleshoot option in healthcare also so that we ourselves are able to save our health problems

Bishal Dhakal

80% of healthcare services cab be delivered at home environment within 5 years

Joney Anthony

The hospital does not provide sufficient facility. They take too much money and have provided card system which takes lots of time of patient. I hope a solution is found for it

Sanjay Gaur

I want to reduce the time during the patient discharge. Hospital takes lot of time during discharge of patients

Ambili Vijayaraghavan

To ensure healthcare delivery systems embrace “Lean” principles and are more efficient and effective

Dr Ashwini Ookalkar

If every Indian can have a unique ID(Aadhar), how about sharing health profiles on a common platform seamlessly

Kumar Saurabh

Can we provide additional clinic to each private practising doctor at zero investment?

srijan Pal Singh

Healthcare should induce happiness in humanity. Reduce diagnostic pain and ensure a world where diseases are not just cured but are absent for all

Tanya Bisht

I feel there should be secondary healthcare providers for the patients who are not entertained in government hospitals and somehow they miss the timely prevention and care

Mukul Kumar

Healthcare facilities should be more focused in “Rural areas” and healthcare insurance need to be appropriate to provide hassle free services to the needful patients/people

Dhruv Singh

There should be a bot which goes into the body and examine our health from inside. This could tell the doctor what our problems are inside the body

Dr Tanya Vaish

Clinical quality to be a cultural part of all operational facilities

Paul Lillrank

Formatted setup

Devansh Gola

Rapidly develop and implement national accreditation of hospitals; those that do not comply would not get paid by insurance companies. However, a performance incentive plan that targets specific treatment parameters would be useful adjunct

John Dhingra

Delayed discharge from hospital should be addressed and process improved

Prarthana Gandhi

Deliver quality care to everyone regardless to location or income. Rapidly reduce the cost of care by a factor of a million. Add 50 healthy years to every human life.

Sharad Kumar

Artificial intelligence supported decision support system for skin diseases diagnosis for GPs

Hemal Patel

Instead of discussion of healthcare problems, be a part of solution of healthcare with invention and innovations.

Surekha Misri

I would like to contribute our healthcare by providing quality resources to take care of patients pain

Leela Nair

I would like to share quality in patient care. This includes communication skills and customer satisfaction

Dhruv Singh

Technologist should change the genes/DNA of the people and eradicate disease from the genes/DNA

Lokender Yadav

Introduce a medical education model where dentist can be transformed to become a general practitioner

Kshitij Chaudhary

Diabetes free India by 2030

Jagannathan G

Non invasive glucose monitoring and other parameters ecosystem

Chris Lloyd

Providing safe, affordable healthcare for the masses to increase prosperity – An ethical care revolution

Dr S Venkat

Creating/Training management talent in healthcare and applied research

Maj (Dr) Siddharth Mani

1) Uber type app for ambulance service 2) Telemedicine consultancy at PHC level to higher level of special care

Dr D.S Ookalkar

Make healthcare more transparent

Bhaskar Mojouku

Drive a culture of innovations in Indian in healthcare spectrum

Dr Saurabh Gupta

Cost effective/robust monitoring of vital parameters as a telemedicine solution for extreme places with minimum amount of human interaction

Arun Purohit

Access to affordable healthcare for the masses

Salomi Saxena

Health membership at hospitals which provide discounted check up medical prices

Dr Kamini Khillan

Connecting primary patient care to higher technology for best of the patient

Your healthcare moonshot