Continuous Improvement in Healthcare through Lean

By Chris Lloyd
Senior healthcare advisor
IBM Watson Health

Supporting Faculty: Dr. V K Singh, Managing Director, InnovatioCuris

Date: October 3-4, 2018

Timings: 9 am – 5 pm

Venue: The Leela Ambience, Gurugram

Course fee: 11,800 INR

Chris Lloyd, Speaker, Innohealth 2018 Annual Healthcare Conference_

Course outline

This 2 day course will provide an interactive approach to developing the an understanding of the building blocks of Lean Healthcare. A series of teaching points followed by participative exercises will give participants and opportunity to test their understanding of patient flow in processes, pathways and facilities.

Day 1

  • Fundamentals of Lean Healthcare
  • What can we expect from Lean pathways?
  • Break out exercise what did we learn?
  • Using Toyota A3 thinking to improve Health Care
  • Break out exercise personal learning A3
  • How do we redesign Health Care
    • Introduction to Current State Assessment
    • Waste spotting exercise
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • RCA Exercise
    • Creating Flow
    • Flow Exercise
  • Insights for the day
Day 2

  • Reflections on day 1
  • Where has patient flow been achieved ?
  • What does patient flow really mean?
  • Patient Flow Breakout exercise
  • Using patient flow principles to design pathways
  • Pathway breakout exercise
  • Using patient flow to design facilities
  • Facility design breakout exercise
  • Insights from the course what will you do next?
  • Award of course attendance certificates

About the instructor

Chris Lloyd has over 35 years experience in teaching, coaching leading Lean Transformation in many industries including electronics, automotive, defense and Healthcare/Life Sciences. Chris was trained by the Toyota international study group Shingijutsu and has personally led transformations in the automotive sector in tier 1 suppliers to Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

Chris has been engaged in the past 15 years in the coaching and teaching of the application of continuous improvement philosophies and techniques in Healthcare as a Vice President of Simpler Healthcare, an International leader in Lean Transformation.. Chris has worked with over 30 NHS Trusts in the UK and many Health providers in the Ireland, the United States, Europe, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Chris has coached organisations in the use of advanced techniques including the design of health facilities and the development of new care pathways. Chris has written a number of articles for the Times of London, the Health Service Journal and contributed a chapter to the Innovations in Healthcare Management book published by Dr Singh and Professor Lillrank in 2015.

Chris has spent the past year with IBM, developing their approach to provide Population Health Management Services to the NHS and beyond. Chris is now devoting his time to the coaching of Lean Healthcare.

*We have limited seats and the registration is on first come first serve basis.