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Pankaj Sindhu, Speaker, Innohealth 2018 Annual Healthcare Conference

Pankaj Sindhu



Pankaj Sindhu is a successful Entrepreneur with a proven track record of building startups and scaling them to respectable scale. He carries a meaningful 18+ years of experience in healthcare domain.

Pankaj started his entrepreneurial journey in April-2010 and by Mar-2016 he had created & exited from two successful startups in healthcare space. Both the ventures were self funded and were scaled to good heights in a very short span of time. Pankaj has moved on to his next venture ‘WonDRx’ (Pronounced as Wonder-Rx) in healthcare space. WonDRx is India’s first prescription exchange platform which enables prescriptions secure storage and timely access of the relevant data to Patients, Providers and Payers.

This is going to be the BIG DATA of the largest democracy and the 2nd largest populated country on the Globe. WonDRx will save lives, improve patient care & outcomes, will predict the future disease trend in time and a lot more. Pankaj travelled entrepreneur with strong business acumen and commercialization skills. He has strong understanding of Asia, Australia, Latin America geographies.