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Dr Satish Kumar Gupta, Speaker, InnoHEALTH 2018 Annual Healthcare Conference

Dr Satish Kumar Gupta

Director of Cardiology & Medicine
JWM Global Hospital & Research Centre


Dr Satish Kumar Gupta is the Director of Cardiology & Medicine at JWM Global Hospital & Research Centre, Mount Abu. He is faculty and guide to M.D, Ph.D and DNB. Dr Gupta also served as international and national faculty in various international and national conferences in India and abroad. He completed his M.B.B.S. from Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi University. Dr Gupta did his M.D. (Internal Medicine) from Lady Hardinge Medical College & Associated Hospitals, Delhi University. He is a member of National Advisory Council:

  • Indian College of Cardiology, Cardiological society of India
  • ILIB (Lipid India)
  • Preventive Cardiology – Indian Heart Journal

He authored chapters for various reputed International and national cardiology text books like Innovations in Healthcare, State of Art Cardiology Update 2014. Dr Gupta awarded for Excellence in Cardiology in 2012. He nominated for Rastriya Ratan award in 2003.

  • Published and presented 21 research papers in national and international journals and conferences
  • Research study entitled “Regression of Coronary Atherosclerosis through Healthy Lifestyle in Coronary Artery Disease Patients – Mount Abu Open Heart Trial” has been published in Indian Heart Journal – Indian Heart J. 2011; 63:461-469. This trial ranks first among the top 20 research articles in the world in its category as most cited used as reference and most visited, most read research paper in the world from July 2013 to Nov. 2015. This ranking is done by, USA from research articles published all over the world in that particular year.
  • Organized World Congress On Clinical & Preventive Cardiology-2006 at Mount Abu from September 22-24, 2006
  • He Organized 7th, 9th,10th  & 11th World Congress On Clinical, Preventive Cardiology & Imaging  & Public  Confrence On 3D Health Care at Mount Abu from September 14-16, 2012, September 5th to 7th 2014, September 3rd to 6th 2015 and 22nd to 25th September 2016.
  • Organized 3rd to 6th World Congress on Clinical Preventive & Geriatric Cardiology-2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 in Delhi .