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Dr Harsh Bhardwaj, Organising Committee Member, InnoHEALTH 2018 Annual Healthcare Conference

Dr Harsh Bhardwaj

Medical Officer


Dr Harsh Bhardwaj MBBS, Cofounder FamilyDoctr is a general physician practicing in New Delhi, with his emphasis and works towards solving accessibility of healthcare in India. His work at Primary Health Level with Government in a very low socio-economic area led him to understand the accessibility and health-seeking issues associated with Urban Poor. Interest in solving 3Ds of health care i.e. Doctor, Diagnosis and Drugs led him to policy framework contribution with Public Policy Research Centre ( Think Tank of Bhartiya Janta Party ). Presently working on 2$ healthcare model, by cofounding FamilyDoctr a startup of health specialists and technocrats working in tandem to deliver peer-reviewed and standard care via connected health clinics and simple innovations in medical devices.