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Your unmet need in healthcare

Documented unmet needs

Iris Öhrn Indian Investments in innovative solutions
Venkataramanaiah Saddikuti I do not know my health status and whom to approach.
Shivank Khandelwal Healthcare system in government hospitals should be well-organized
Dhruv Singh When it comes to cyber security, healthcare is very sluggish. Other sectors such as finance and insurance are way ahead and have developed best practices in safeguarding the money. 
Healthcare establishments should step up and come up with best practices in cyber security for hospitals
Dr Raja Dutta I want to get connected to healthcare entrepreneur for fresh healthcare start up and to lead the organisation from scratch to new heights of modern digital healthcare platform(Hospitals & doctors)
Preeti Rao Health Insurance should cover preventive health strategies, incentivize people with better health, must cover health and wellness coaches, nutritionists , fitness trainers, gyms, spas etc
Dr. Debleena Bhattacharya The improper treatment of hospital waste
Priya Prakash An unmet need in healthcare is preventive care and health education for our children and youth. The future burden of Non Communicable Diseases is set to skyrocket. Obesity (a gateway condition to NCDs) is already affecting 14.4Mn children and it is predicted that 70% of these unhealthy children will be hospitalised in the future due to an entirely preventable disease. It is critical for governments and corporations to re-look at strategic investments in health
Sharad Kumar I think healthcare needs more direct involvement of doctors driving the solution space. These bodies of doctor should be involved in clinical trials, regulations and technology adoption and recommendations. They are the trusted guardians of patient care and should have a more direct way.