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Veena Sehgal

Services provider
Cadence Hub

With 3 decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry that incorporates multiple roles in functions ranging from product manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Market Research, Product planning, Corporate planning& product strategy, Product Management, Sales &Marketing across the globe, Training and Global Business Development Activities, Veena embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship in 2015.

The Services provider, ‘Cadence Hub’ is associated with companies in the healthcare sector for technical and strategic consulting to bring about a global vision for various markets differentiated by their regulatory environments and market dynamics.

Veena has recently authored an online course on ‘Brands vs Generics’ especially for the Healthcare Partners. There is a high constraint on government spending on healthcare and one of the prime areas is the substitution of ‘Brands’ with the ‘Generic’ Drugs. Somewhere in this discussion, the word Quality has to be emphasized specifically for some countries. With a deep understanding of the industry, this course brings put many discussion points on the table.

Veena has a post-graduate degree in Pharmacy from the most reputed University in India (UIPS-University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences) with a gold medal to her credit. Her strengths include excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, communication, negotiation, Entrepreneurial and interpretative skills with a reputation for team building and Adaptability to new business environments.

Session 4: InnovateHER: Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs in Healthcare: Panelist