Jacky Ovadia

General Manager
IDEA (International Innovation & Business Development expert)

Jacky Ovadia has prepared numerous consultation reports for government ministries, including the Ministries of Finance, Tourism, and Health.

Jacky is the Founder and the CEO of the Wellness Tech Forum
Which combines Israel as a powerhouse for start-ups nation and a healthy lifestyle in the tourism arena, the forum was established in order to give hope to anyone who can promote easily a healthy lifestyle.

Jacky Ovadia is also the Chairman of the International Conference A.I.M – Advanced International Medicine – deals with a continuum of care for overseas patients companies and private customers.

  • Expert in business development in the areas of health and digital health
  • Experienced manager in developing international medicine
  • Manager with a background in team motivation and practical experience inbusiness team leadership.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing business strategies, proven experience in establishment, development and management in competitive environments
  • Proven experience in brand development, expansion of customer base, product development, improving customer loyalty, marketing, communications, advertising, public relations, training and motivating teams
  • Unique skill set that utilizes both traditional and digital interfaces.
  • Chairman of A.I.M – Advanced International Medicine conference
  • Former director of International Medicine at Clalit Health Services

Session 8: Digital Health: Giving birth to new delivery models through Mobile, IoT, Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence : Panelist