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Dr. Shiban Ganju

Chairman, Atrimed Pharmaceuticals
Founder, Save A Mother Foundation

Dr. Shiban Ganju dedicates his life to healthcare. Over a distinguished 45 year career, he has contributed at multiple levels:

  • As a physician.
  • As the founder of the ’Save a Mother (SAM)’ foundation focused on developing sustainable healthcare solution.
  • As a leader & innovator in healthcare firms.
  • As a participant in advocacy with policymakers.
  • He has an advisor to foundations and thinks tanks of healthcare.

Dr. Ganju graduated from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, India. He received advanced training in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology both in India and the USA. Dr. Shiban Ganju is a consultant specializing in gastroenterology, liver disease and nutrition in hospitals in the greater Chicago area. His commitment to and understanding of how to drive improvements in health outcomes has been nurtured & honed since 1972-73 when he worked in a slum near Delhi and where he helped build a school and dispensary.

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