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Dr. Annie George Chandy

Innovation Officer
Lund University

Dr. Annie George Chandy is Innovation Officer at Lund University Diabetes Center and business developer at LU Innovation; the tech transfer organization at Lund University, Sweden, where she helps academics evaluate and develop early diabetes and other life science research projects and mature them along a commercial path to increase their commercial value. She manages the project evaluation process, develops the projects along a commercial path, manages pharma industry relationships and maintains a portfolio of IP-projects, start companies or license out opportunities

She is also the chairman of the board of Abarceo Pharma; a company focusing on developing a therapeutic treatment to restore beta cell health in type 2 diabetes, by a novel disease-modifying mechanism. Previously, she worked as a scientist in the field of Immunology and vaccine development. Dr. Annie George Chandy holds a Ph.D. from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and worked as a post-doctoral researcher. Before joining Lund University, she worked as a scientist at Statens Serum Institute in Denmark with the development of a vaccine against Chlamydia infection.

Session 6: Fighting diabetes with technological innovations: Keynote