Mr. Siddharth Sangwan

Founder & CEO
Hindustan Wellness Pvt Ltd



Siddharth Sangwan founded Hindustan Wellness in September 2013 with a fresh approach of end to end preventive & managed healthcare to an otherwise curative focused Healthcare industry. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Hindustan Wellness. Under his leadership, Hindustan Wellness has acquired over 30,000+ engaged and healthier customers and has successfully conducted over 30 Lac lab tests and 37,000 doctor (tele) consultations.

Before turning an Entrepreneur, Siddharth Sangwan was heading ‘Customer Acquisition’ for online Verticals at Times Group. He was instrumental in turning around the matrimonial segment of the business by delivering multi fold growth during his tenure.

Siddharth started his career at the young age of 17. By the age of 19, he was already heading a unit of 200 employees, taking care of end to end business process starting from sales to delivery. In his career spanning 12 years, Siddharth has played a key role in setting up and expansion of the domestic segments of iEnergizer and Serco (previously Infovision Group).

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