suman-kapur Prof. Suman Kapur

Project Director
University-wide Dean
International Programs and Collaborations 
BITS Pilani



Dr. Suman is a Senior Professor and HOD at BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus. Her research interests are Genetic markers for vulnerability to chronic human diseases, screening strategies for low-cost settings, medical devices for field deployment in low resource settings and disease prevention through herbal/natural products. Suman holds several patents, has published and/or edited several books, has published >200 peer-reviewed scientific articles, has delivered > 150 invited/keynote lectures and has organized several scientific meetings, workshops and dedicated trainings. Prof. Kapur was awarded the Photon Research Award, 2015 for her work on antimicrobials.

She is an expert member on several panels related to stem cells therapeutics, functional foods and nutraceuticals (FSSAI), standards for food and water requirements during disaster management (NDMA) and jury for several award committees for awards in Science e.g. BM Birla, Ranbaxy Research and King Faisal science awards and has received ~1.5 million GBP for research in >20 grants funded by Govt. of India & Indian industries.

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