Dr-David-M-Dror Dr. David Mark Dror

Founding Chairman & Managing Director
Micro Insurance Academy
New Delhi

InnoHEALTH 2016 presentation

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Dr. Dror is Founding Chairman & Managing Director at the Micro Insurance Academy (New Delhi), the world’s largest technical advisory in microinsurance to grassroots groups. He has 35+ years of professional research and management experience. He served as Hon. Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam (Inst. of Health Policy & Management) after serving for many years with the ILO Social Security Dept. His research focuses on analysis explaining the low insurance uptake by persons in the informal sector in low-income countries, and developing effective implementation processes of insurance rooted in “what works” at the base-of-the-pyramid among uninsured and underserved rural persons. David has been a founding member of the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance, which was later transformed into the Microinsurance Network. He has published several books and over 60 papers in refereed journals, acts as guest editor and reviewer for high-impact journals, delivers keynote addresses in professional meetings, and interacts regularly with civil society organizations active at grassroots level in several countries.

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