Bishal-Dhakal Dr. Bishal Dhakal

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
Health at Home Foundation

InnoHEALTH 2016 presentation

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Dr. Dhakal was born in small southeastern city of Nepal. His schooling has been in Nepal and India. He completed his MD from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He was in cardiac surgery residency before he dropped out and started Health at Home. He speaks five languages and has travelled extensively in the world. He has been involved in healthcare innovation ecosystem (service to technology) in Nepal. He has been awarded as social entrepreneur in Nepal and was recently awarded for best poster service design in Washington DC, USA. He has extensive public speaking experience in healthcare innovation conferences across the world. He has presented his models in Nepal, India, Russia, USA and Singapore. He was invited recently to speak in local Nepal TEDx event held in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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