First Announcement: IC Annual Conference 4 – 5 February 2016 at PHD House New Delhi

InnoHealth LogoInvitation to International Conference on “Innovations in Healthcare Management: Quality and Cost Optimisation” on 4-5th February 2016at PHD House, New Delhi 

Dear All,

Innovations in healthcare is a sought after topic today for the thought leaders in health sector anywhere in the world. Different parts of the world are struggling with different issues in managing their health sector and everyone is seeking innovations for their problems to reduce cost. The first conference of IC builds on a successful international effort of a book published by the same name in early 2015.

Innovations in Healthcare Management Book

For further details about the book, please refer the online link: Amazon Store
This is our first announcement about the conference and we have already received confirmations from all over the world for joining us in New Delhi. I invite you to contribute to this effort to build an ecosystem in India for fostering innovations in Indian healthcare sector.

The conference plans to cover the innovations from public health, global innovations relevant to India health sector and Indian innovations in health sector relevant to the world during the first day. The second day assembles the decision makers from various domains to plan for next steps and the also recognition of innovations submitted by young innovators.

For any inquiries for conference partnerships like Speaker Nominations/ Government partner / Country Partner / Media partner / Knowledge partner / University partner / Sponsorships and Stall/Delegate registration please write to .

PDF version of the announcement to download:

First Announcement IC Annual Conference

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanking you
Dr. V.K.Singh

Managing Director,

New Delhi, India