Sridhar Anjanappa

Senior R&D Manager
Baxter, Bengaluru

Sridhar Anjanappa lives to make healthcare better; healthcare innovation is his passion. An experienced medical device R&D engineer and manager. Sridhar currently works for Baxter for their Renal Care R&D division at Bengaluru as a Senior R&D Manager. Before joining Baxter, Sridhar worked at Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies and played a key role in building establishing cross-functional R&D teams for Stryker’s Endoscopy, Communications, Trauma & Extremities, and Joint Replacement Robotics businesses and successfully launched medical device products to global and emerging market.

He comes with rich experience in medical device product life cycle management including healthcare innovation and concept development process, creating and auditing healthcare quality management systems, risk management, program management, healthcare regulatory requirements, design controls, verification and validation of life-saving complex medical devices.

Sridhar also comes with rich technology experience in building a digital strategy for medical devices including device connectivity, Cloud/IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, 3D Visualization, and 3D printing. He also owns patents on his inventions “SOFTWARE FOR USE WITH DEFORMITY CORRECTION” and “RING HOLE PLANNING FOR EXTERNAL FIXATION FRAMES”.